What is Neuroplasticity?

The term Neuroplasticity refers to the capacity of the brain to change in response to experiences. Leading-edge neuroscience research now confirms that we can grow new brain cells and change the actual way our brain functions.


Why is it important for us to understand that the brain can create new networks or neural pathways?

This plasticity or adaptability of the brain is the link between Neuroscience and Spiritual practices of enlightening the mind or consciousness. When we look at meditation and other spiritual practices for attaining expanded consciousness of unity with Source, they are no different from acquiring other new skills.


And what does acquiring a higher state of consciousness actually do for us?

As we are able to establish new pathways in the brain that shift our functioning to a higher consciousness, our perceptions and ways of interacting shift. We are no longer held hostage by our fear and doubt with all the limiting beliefs, habits, and the compensating behaviors we have created. When we live from a consciousness of “unity“, that recognizes Other as Self, we are able to revitalize ourselves with the all the qualities of this state of being like joy, gratitude, creativity, and tranquility.

This recent discovery of the Neuroplasticity of the brain ensures that our brains have been evolving over centuries to provide us with the capacity to achieve enlightenment, a state of union with God consciousness, not in an afterlife, but in the human body just as the Spiritual masters or teachers who have come to earth have taught us in the Wisdom Teachings of many cultures.