The Healing Relationship

I believe that the healing relationship begins with personal intension; consistent compassion and sincere introspection, which create safety and self -awareness for the client that then can nurture the consciousness of a soul self, apart from the ego mind. I see myself as a mentor and midwife to the client’s process of healing as I lovingly hold their original blueprint of wholeness when the client can’t, and guide them back to an authentic life path through self-inquiry and energy practices that align with spirit or Source in order to realize self as Soul.

As a spiritual counselor, I teach from the heart about the ways that unconscious patterns of behavior are formed from our false core beliefs, and I help my clients to learn how to respond rather than react from the habitual identity they have created through illusion, loss and trauma. I am passionate about helping my clients discover, through their wound stories and family history, that their personality is a limited state of mind that is run by Ego, and based solely on survival. I call this the “small self” that is an identity of entrenched behavior patterns which can invoke pain and judgment on oneself and others, as well as hold victim trauma imprints that are coded in the body, the mind and in the Soul’s Anatomy or Energy Body.

As an energy medicine practitioner, I offer an integrated approach to healing that is built on the wisdom teachings from many civilizations and esoteric traditions. I often say that I am a spiritual plumber who has training and energy medicine practices that help clear the energetic blocks to our wholeness and help clients to shift their brain and energy body in order to access higher levels of functioning and perception. This opens the doorway for an identity from a higher level of consciousness of untapped Soul force, our indwelling spiritual reservoir, to flow through unimpeded and express our true nature and passion for life.

While I have had many teachers with a variety of approaches and training, I know that the essence of the work is the practice of “Presence” where my personality is background and higher consciousness of Spirit flows through the work. From that state I am guided and led to what I call knowings and I have clarity of when to speak and what to say, when to listen and what to ask, and how to engage the client as I am tracking the patterns, imprints and limiting core beliefs from family and the collective.

Suffering is learned and practiced and so becomes habitualized. It is not the way that we are to live on this beautiful planet anymore, and we are waking up to this truth.

I am deeply grateful to be a part of the resolution of this illusion.