A critical shift in our awareness is to embrace the understanding that everything is composed of Energy. Scientific research has found that all energy has its own frequency or vibration. With this knowing that everything has a frequency, we can see in all of creation a spectrum of energy from lower to higher frequency.

On the lower end of the spectrum are frequencies of energy that we perceive as physical matter including our bodies. Our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions all have a resonance or vibration depending on the kind. The highest frequencies originate from Source, or Spirit, like Love and Peace. Through Quantum Physics we now understand that we are living in an invisible field of energy.


How does this knowledge of everything as energy and vibration connected by a unified field effect our reality, our life?

With this new knowledge, we no longer divide the world into matter and thought, or matter and energy, but recognize that everything is interconnected through this field of invisible energy and that this field has in it infinite possibilities which “respond “ to our thoughts and feelings, actions, desires, beliefs etc.

The second critical understanding to embrace is that we have an Energy Body in addition to our physical body. The Energy Body is also referred to by many other names such as Soul Anatomy, Subtle Anatomy, or the Luminous Energy Field. It is composed of a vast spectrum of energy that extends both into and outside the physical body about 3 or 4 feet.


What is the purpose of the Energy Body or Luminous Energy Field?

The Energy Body, or LEF, is the architecture of our life and consciousness. It is an envelope of energy that not only surrounds the physical body but contains energetic imprints of our personal history, ancestry, karma, behavior, our relationships and even health and illness.

The Luminous Body is continually being influenced by our life experience. When we are aligned with the higher energies of peace, love, or serenity our Energy body is fed, energized and supported. At those times both our spiritual health and physical health are nourished, and the Energy body is able to metabolize negative experiences in the natural course of life. But when certain deeply intense experiences occur, when there is too much emotional wounding (trauma) the Energy body can be weakened. Our unresolved physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual experiences are imprinted on it, and become like scratches on a CD which build up from the very beginnings in our mother’s womb over our lifetime.